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'Jazz U Like' delivers an authentic, polished professional sound.
For more than 20 years, fellow musicians have been putting together the current Lebanese jazz music scene.

We are professionals. We play Jazz, Latin jazz, Brazilian Bossa and Samba and a little of jazzified pop music.


We can perfectly tailor your event with any ensemble combinations; Duos, Trios, Quartets, Quintets, etc.. As small as you like, or as big as you want.


(just a few out of thousands great comments and e-mails we're receiving from our clients)

'First allow me to thank you for the beautiful performance.
Everyone was satisfied as usual, and working with you is such a pleasure...'

                                                                      Art's & Melon

'Dear Mr Satyan and the Jazz U Like band,

I would like to congratulate you warmly for the magnificent performance at my sister’s house last week... Many thanks and congratulation again...'


                                                                     Claude Serhal

'Hello Arthur and Band.

Bruna and I want to send out a huge thank you to you and the band. It was incredible how you made people stop eating and start dancing. I never have seen that many people go this wild to Jazz. Bruna and I knew that you would be a success at our wedding, but seeing all the people dancing and moving to your music was even better. I especially was impressed when you started playing the African beat music, Bruna's eyes did lit up like fire when she realized why her body was on autopilot moving to the music. 

Thanks so much for doing that. It could not have been more enjoyable...'


                                                       Matias & Bruna

About Musicians:


Rima Bou Aoun - Professional Vocalist for more than 10 years of stage experience. (Jazz, Latin, Pop/Rock)

Naima Yazbek - Singer and Professional Dancer. (Brazilian Music)
Lucy Tchamsarian - Professional Violinist (Pop, Traditional, Jazz, Oldies, World hits)

​Arthur Satyan - Professor of the Lebanese National Conservatory of Music, Dean of the Jazz Department, Pianist & Composer.

Thomas Hornig - Professor of the Lebanese National Conservatory of Music, Saxophonist. (Jazz, Latin Jazz, Pop/Rock)

Elias Mouallem - Professional Saxophonist, Music School Instructor (Jazz, Latin)
Ali Jradi - Professional Saxophonist, Music School Instructor (Jazz)
Samuel Arnelian - Professional Saxophonist, Music School Instructor (Jazz)

Raffi Mandalian - Professional Jazz Guitarist, Music University Instructor.  (Jazz, Latin Jazz, Pop/Rock)

Adel Minkara - Professional Jazz Guitarist, Music Instructor.  (Brazilian Music)

Abboud Saade - Professional Bass Guitarist for more than 30 years of stage experience. (Jazz, Latin Jazz, Pop/Rock)

Ruedi Felder - Professional Jazz Double Bassist. (Jazz)

Philippe Dib - Professional Bassist (Jazz, Latin, Pop/Rock) 

Fouad Afra - Professional Drummer for more than 25 years of stage experience. (Jazz, Latin, Pop/Rock, Brazilian Music)

Walid Tawil - Professional Drummer and University Instructor. (Jazz, Fusion, Funk)

Samer Zaghir - Professional Drummer, Music Instructor (Jazz, Pop)
Faraj Fakhoury - Professional Drummer (Jazz, Latin Jazz)

... and few others

About The Band:

'Thanks Arthur! This is some real good talent, all of you guys, the solos, the voice, bravo! I was once a drummer myself and played with some bands, not jazz though but all sorts of other stuff, and believe me i know the difference, you guys are fantastic!
That was pretty much what we wanted - the trio in the first half, then after an intermission you introduced the singer, guitar and sax... beautiful idea! My best!'

                                                                                                                                                                                             Jean Saad

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